Our SmartCo Team  assists our Clients in M&A operations as well as in national and international commercial transactions. In this context, our Team has developed significant experience in dealing with the entire process of internalization of the so-called “pocket multinationals”.

As part of our corporate Team’s activities, we have gained experience in several matters, from the organization of efficient corporate structures, to the optimization of tax related issues, up to even operations of sale and purchase of luxury yachts.

Hereinafter, a list of the main issues addressed by the our SmartCo Team :

  • M&A and corporate transactions, with related activities (due diligence, share capital increases, joint-ventures);
  • company incorporation, establishment abroad of secondary offices and representative offices;
  • definition of corporate structure and corporate reorganization;
  • drafting of contracts and agreements (shareholder and investment agreements; contracts of distribution, agency, escrow).