About Us

Smart Law is a boutique law firm born on the initiative of three young lawyers that shares a common philosophy of life and work.

Smart Law’s mission is to support  its Clients in the growth of their business, in order to bring value to the same, in terms of both legal assistance and business development, through the provision of services characterized by flexibility, creativity, celerity and always tailored to the specific needs of each Client.

The choice of such approach is the reason why we decided to name our law firm “Smart Law”: a firm where the usual and old-fashioned legal profession is freed  from any conformism standard and is shaped to keep up with the times of a globalized and dynamic market.

The firm is currently composed of seven lawyers divided by field of expertise: SmartLab (labor and employment law), SmartCo (corporate and commercial law), SmartReg (administrative, regulatory and compliance law) and SmartHub (private law).

The firm is based in Milan and also operates in Turkey, where it has its own desk in Istanbul.

Our Philosophy

Just as a master watchmaker meticulously and scrupulously combines each gear in order to create a unique watch, so we combine the gears of law in a smart and innovative way, in order to provide each Client with tailor-made solutions that will allow it to achieve its goals of developing a successful business.


We strongly believe that it is of paramount importance to build a relationship of trust with our Clients, efficiently and timely responding to their needs.


One of our main strengths is the capability to offer support and solutions to the Clients any time, adapting and shaping our work to the Client’s requests.


Our creative, dynamic and multidisciplinary approach allows us to stand by the Client throughout the development of its projects, both finding solutions and proposing new business opportunities.


In order to add value to the Client’s business, we are entirely devoted and committed in order constantly infuse one key feature in our services: quality.


Start Up

The Business Model – Up & Running

Idea. We will listen to your idea of business and we help you in analysing and developing it, in order to make your idea come true.
Strategy. Thanks to a multidisciplinary network of qualified professionals, we will be able to support you in the strategic, financial and communicational development of your idea.
Funding. We will give you the opportunity to present your idea to private investors with whom we usually collaborate, supporting you with the access to facilitated finance channels and with crowd funding.
Realization of your idea. We will support you in structuring and establishing the corporate vehicle needed for the realization of your idea and in negotiating with the new financing partners.
Launch. We will assist you in launching your business and will support you in the ordinary management of all corporate affairs, as well as in any phase relating to subsequent capital increases and the possible entry of new members.








Corso di Porta Vittoria, 13

20122 – Milano


Turkish Desk

Levent -Istanbul


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Corso di Porta Vittoria, 13 – 20122 Milano